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  • April 7, 2022
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All our professional SEO plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, tailor-made) include both an On-Page SEO and Inbound SEO (also called OFF SITE SEO) strategy. But what does this mean? On-Page SEO is the process of careful and meticulous editing by fixing critical issues within the site, in order to ‘re-program’ one or more web pages and content, to better suit search engine guidelines. Quality content at this stage is essential and if not present we will support you in persuasive copywriting. However we don’t stop here, the advantage of investing in an expert seo agency is the possibility to do off-page SEO, with Inbound Marketing strategies that involve increasing the importance of a specific page or the entire website by creating partnerships and link-backs from relevant and authoritative websites on the Internet. The result? The combination of different techniques brings advantages in positioning and increased traffic with consequent improvement of Brand awareness and link authority, facilitating visitor conversion. Find out the right plan for you. Contact us and we will do an Audit of your site and plan a tailor-made strategy.