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Have you made a false step? Suddenly you no longer appear on Google! What should you do?
The answer is to act fast and correct the problem!

Why isn't Google indexing your site?

Removing a penalty your site has received from Google is one of the most difficult and requested SEO services. The first thing to understand is why your site has been penalised in order to identify the factors that need to be corrected.


Uninteresting, copied or low quality content, but also missing updates can lead to a penalty.


To recover the visibility of your WordPress site on Google, there is a way out! Our SEO experts will analyse your situation and draw up an emergency protocol tailored to your needs.


Deserved or undeserved penalties: the important thing is to solve the problem!

Help! My blog doesn't appear on Google

If you have noticed sudden drops in traffic or if you can no longer find your site on Google, you may have been the subject of:  

Indirect SEO penalisation

You are being overtaken by a competitor. You lose positions, they gain positions  

Direct SEO penalisation

You’ve done something Google doesn’t like this time.

We recover your lost site

You have worked hard to launch your website online, to position and optimise it. But suddenly something has gone wrong and your site is no longer indexed! Now is not the time to despair, but you must act now!

Our experts will clean up your digital record with a solid and effective recovery strategy.


Our method:

  1. Analysis of the penalisation
  2. Elimination of toxic links
  3. Content analysis
  4. Google reconsideration

Get your second chance now!

Are you not satisfied with your results and would like to get an extra boost?

Ask for a consultation and we will quickly build a strategy tailored to you and your business.


Improve your online presence now.