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Seo Consultancy

We increase our clients' profits by optimising their growth opportunities. If you want to grow your customer portfolio, if you want your website to appear in the top positions of Google and other search engines by searching for certain keywords, if you want to sell more online through your e-commerce, have more visits

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Local Seo

Position yourself ahead of your competitors. If your business, be it a hotel, a restaurant, a commercial activity or a dentist working in a certain geographical area, it is important to be able to position yourself better than your competitors in local search results, on Google.

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Adult Seo

Adult SEO is without any doubt one of the most difficult sectors to position, due to the high level of competition in the sector. It is very difficult to find sites that are willing to link to you, and your competitors are highly optimised.

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Linkbuilding is the main seo-off page technique for positioning your website. Seo Linkbuilding is a fundamental activity to be able to position a site in Google's serpentine, it is considered one of the major ranking factors by search engines.

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WordPress websites

WordPress is the most popular platform for those who want to create a personalised website that is easy to manage and ranks well on search engines, especially Google. For those who don't know it, WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System).

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E-commerce websites

Giant Group deals with the development of e-commerce sites, creating a complete web project and providing companies and freelancers with its knowledge of Inbound Marketing with SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Campaigns, Digital PR and much more.

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How to manage Google penalties

Contact us to recoup your lost traffic Have you suffered a Google penalty? Are you discouraged? Don't know what to do? Contact us, we have solved many cases like yours

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing puts the user at the centre of everything and bases its effectiveness on the creation of useful, informative and original content. From this point of view, Content Marketing becomes the tool to use to attract customers interested in your products or services and increase visits to your site.

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Logos and Brands

Our Web Agency aims to design, conceive and create your corporate image, i.e. the logo and identity for your website or company. We work with a highly qualified staff for the design, creation and realisation of a quality logo and professional logos

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How to Manage Reputation

Tired of seeing your profile full of negative reviews. Maybe many of them are not true. Our web agency can manage your brand reputation and take care of your customer relations on multiple platforms.

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Social Media Marketing

We are a Web Agency in Turin but we are everywhere thanks to Social Media! We manage your Facebook and Instagram profiles with a planned and constantly updated strategy. We communicate with users, increase online visibility and conversions through Social Media Marketing.

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Why we are the best

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election should be a time!

Because we have succeeded in improving the online brand visibility of many companies. Because we respect the deadline for each job. Because we always achieve our objectives. Because we manage the budget you invest as if it were our own, to avoid waste and poor results.

Snapshot analysis

We will carry out an analysis of your site to find the critical points and strengths, in order to adjust the best possible strategy.

Premium Support

You will be constantly updated on the progress of your campaign, and you can ask our team for information.

Successfully promoting

We will raise awareness to your brand by making it visible and well-known

Award-winning team

The greatest satisfaction of our team, is to have received several awards from other Seo Agencies, for whom we take on several campaigns. We are the surgeons of the surgeon

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