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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be defined as the strategies and tactics applied to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine by improving the possibilities that the site is going to be found by users using certain keywords. The term SEO is often used simply to highlight a multiplicity of activities (SEO ON SITE + SEO OFF SITE) aimed at improving the organic ranking of a website.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) provides immediate website visibility through paid campaigns. It focuses on a larger number of keywords than SEO work. Where SEO aims to provide better organic search results, SEM uses search engines to advertise a website to Internet consumers. For each identified keyword there is an associated CPC (cost per click), you can set a daily budget. It is a variable cost, it is possible to turn web marketing campaigns on and off at any time, however once the budget has been used up you stop being visible; therefore it is a tool to be used with care, always keeping an eye on the costs incurred.

Absolutely, “SEO and SEM are not competing services”. If you want to conduct business on the Internet, you need to be visible in both organic and advertised ways, which means you need both SEO and SEM. Properly done SEO enables you to consolidate your position on the web, and increase the authority of your site and its content.

All our professional SEO plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, tailor-made) include both an On-Page SEO and Inbound SEO (also called OFF SITE SEO) strategy. But what does this mean? On-Page SEO is the process of careful and meticulous editing by fixing critical issues within the site, in order to ‘re-program’ one or more web pages and content, to better suit search engine guidelines. Quality content at this stage is essential and if not present we will support you in persuasive copywriting. However we don’t stop here, the advantage of investing in an expert seo agency is the possibility to do off-page SEO, with Inbound Marketing strategies that involve increasing the importance of a specific page or the entire website by creating partnerships and link-backs from relevant and authoritative websites on the Internet. The result? The combination of different techniques brings advantages in positioning and increased traffic with consequent improvement of Brand awareness and link authority, facilitating visitor conversion. Find out the right plan for you. Contact us and we will do an Audit of your site and plan a tailor-made strategy.

Absolutely Yes, now more than ever, from 21 April 2015 Google released a new update (algorithm) for mobile friendly called “Mobilegeddon” that will give a “strong boost” in the SERPs of mobile pages. On 1 April 2022, the algorithm upgrade was completed, having irreversible effects on non-responsive sites. In addition, it is estimated that around 60% of searches are made via smartphone and tablet devices. Your potential customer could be there, you can’t miss them. Furthermore, if you try to do a search on Google from your PC and your smartphone, you will notice that the results are different, because Google tends to differentiate between the 2 search pages. Not having a responsive site not only means losing business opportunities but also allowing your competitors to be present in your place and increase their authority on the web. Improving usability on mobile devices is now indispensable and represents a positioning factor.

In order to answer this question, let us use the metaphor of a marathon, in which everyone can participate. Registering for the race is equivalent to ‘submitting’, i.e. asking a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) to index you in its SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Positioning, on the other hand, is linked to the position you reach while you are competing, with the distinct difference that there is no end in sight, but a continuum. Each search engine has metrics with which it evaluates a website, its content, incoming links, etc. .. and therefore on certain keywords it can place us above or below a direct competitor, on the first page rather than the second, in first rather than eighth position, etc. . A targeted SEO activity allows you to improve the positioning of your website with respect to one or more keywords, but it is not a “one-off” activity; to be able to give the best results it is necessary to constantly monitor the results of the website, “intervening” if there are changes. Make an empirical check and verify where you are positioned with respect to a keyword; if you do not find your website within the first two pages of the search engine SERP and you believe that the keyword you are looking for is an important keyword for your business and to “move” your turnover, CONTACT US.

Giant Group will support you step by step, but in general the first thing to do is to choose a partner to host your website, if one does not already exist, and to associate hosting with a domain that guarantees speed and high SLAs. Cheap providers often host a lot of domains on their servers and this may mean that there is little bandwidth guaranteed. We can recommend some very fast and inexpensive hosts. Step two is to study the design of your site and the structure of the content. Once these foundations have been laid, we will move on to the implementation phase. Once the necessary revisions have been made, the site will be put online.

Social media activities are one of the components of inbound marketing, and social networks are places where people meet and interact. In certain product sectors, having a figure dedicated to these activities, who helps to communicate better and reach a well-defined audience with the aim of increasing conversions, is certainly useful and profitable. We believe, however, that this is not an activity that everyone can do, both in terms of attitude and time. For this reason, if there is a specific need, we recommend a consultant who can carry out an analysis of the audience, define an editorial plan, create content periodically and create engagement.

No problem, we make customisable professional video commercials and corporate presentations to promote your business on the major video sharing platforms or to integrate into your website.

If your site has been penalised, it means that you have gone against Google’s instructions. Times have changed and Black Hat practices no longer pay, they can give you an immediate boost, but in the long run these are the results. Our team is specialised in solving such problems. Contact us to analyse the severity of the penalisation, and understand if there is a feasible solution. We will plan Time and Cost to bring your site out of the quicksand.