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It’s official, Google prefers responsive.

What are we talking about? about the technique called ‘Responsive web design’ (RWD) for creating website graphics. Responsive literally means ‘responsive’, i.e. it adapts to the device that displays it.

If after reading these first two lines you are about to abandon this article thinking that it is a technical matter for geeks, you are making a big mistake.

If you have a website, an ecommerce, a B&B, you know very well how important it is to be well positioned on search engines (and Google above all) and perhaps you’ve been chewing on words like positioning or seo for some time now. What does this have to do with responsive graphics?

Google, through its webmaster tools, has let its ‘technical’ users know that from now on ‘non-responsive’ content will not be indexed properly.

The glacial information visible via Google’s ‘webmaster tools’ that excludes you from the search engine is more or less as follows:

Google systems have tested XX pages of your site and found that YY% of the pages have critical usability errors on mobile devices. The errors in these ZZ pages have a significant impact on how mobile users use your website. These pages will not be considered optimised for mobile devices by Google Search and will therefore be displayed and positioned appropriately for smartphone users.

In short, if your website is not mobile friendly, it will appear to be at a disadvantage in searches.

After all, it didn’t take Google and its message to discover that a considerable proportion of users now surf the web using mobile devices. Any website tracking software will confirm my statement, for example this website receives 65% of its visits from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

To check whether your website is responsive, try searching for it on your mobile phone. If you can read the texts without zooming in, this is a good sign. You can do the same with your home computer. Open your website with your favourite browser and narrow the window with the mouse. If the content does not fit and horizontal scroll bars appear, 99% of your website is not responsive.

If you’ve been considering a website and graphic makeover for some time, it’s time to break ground.

Contact the Giant Group team, they will know how to create a beautiful responsive website in a short time.

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